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Top Beach DestinationsWhat is your dream Vacations? To leave the kids at home with the in-laws and get away? Or maybe its a family holiday for you all to enjoy each others company. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life put down the phones and enjoy one’s company. Looking for a gift that keeps on giving?

Give the Gift of Travel

Here are a few reasons why you should consider giving an experience gift instead of a physical one.

1. Experience gifts don’t add clutter.

Let’s face it we have a lot of stuff. Frustration and stress can come from many things and clutter is definitely one of them.

Instead of presents this year, create long-lasting memories on vacation! The only space that an experience gift takes up is a memory in your mind.

2. Experience gifts give you something to look forward to.

In a culture of instant gratification, there is something about building up the anticipation of an upcoming trip. Especially if your winter is cold and dark! Warm your family up with hot weather and beaches.

3.  Memories are Truly priceless.

You can’t put a value on any experience. It goes beyond whatever physical expense you paid and bring so much value to your life.

4. Travel is the one gift they will remember forever.

Travel is always better with company. Creating memories are things you can keep forever. Kids grow up, spouses get those busy work promotions. You can gift an experience that will last a lifetime. Share countless memories together that are better than a physical gift, that would have lost its appeal over time.

5.  It’s all about presentation.

Wrap up a Mickey teddybear and surprise them with the trip to Disney. Better yet, a practical gift they can take with them on the trip, like a camera or headphones for the flight. If you are going on a ski trip, maybe a winter jacket, or a bathing suit if you’re going somewhere tropical. If you are giving tickets as a gift, you can still be creative in how you give your trip, whether it’s in a large Christmas box, or presented as a treasure hunt.


Tips to sticking with New Year resolutions

Every year a lot of us work out some new year resolutions to work on or improve on for the coming year. A lot of the time things fall through the cracks. We want to help you create and achieve those new year resolutions. Here are a couple of common ones to get you started.

1.) Working out or getting back in shape2.) Reduce stress3.) Get more sleep4.) Go on more Vacations5.) Spend more quality time with family

Tips and Tricks to help you stick with it!

1.) Start Small. Commit to going to the gym twice a week instead of 7 days a week. Work your way up to 4 or 5 times per week.2.) Celebrate the small wins. Take it one step at a time3.) Surround your self with support. If you have others to keep you accountable you are more likely to succeed.4.) Write it down. Write it down and view your goals on a regular basis to help keep you motivated.5.) Plan. With Inspired Vacations, we take the guessing out of your trip. You can be as involved as you would like!6.) Set Time Frames. This will make sure that you follow through and give yourself the time to succeed.7.) Set reminders & countdowns. This is a fun way to keep track of holidays and vacations.

Whether you are looking to take your family on an unforgettable trip, or to celebrate a milestone in your life, Inspired Vacations experts are waiting to discuss your dream trip. Having the perfect vacation plan will ensure you get everything you want out of your investment.

Inspired Vacations makes sure your trip includes must-see spots at a pace that fits your lifestyle. Call your favourite travel company in Lethbridge and let us plan your perfect Icelandic trip today!