How baby powder helps your trip to the beach


For most people, the only downside there is about the beach is the amount of sand you sometimes take home with you. Beach sand can be painful, messy, and a hassle to get rid of. While a quick wash underneath the beach showers gets rid of most of the sand, your feet get neglected.

Tips to keep the sand from getting in the way

Accessorize with mesh products

Sand gets into everything, including your belongings. To avoid carrying the entire beach of sand back home with you, carry mesh products with you to the beach. A mesh bag instead of a traditional duffle or handbag will allow for sand to fall through the open ventilation.

Use a chair instead of towels

Unlike towels, chairs can be dipped in or rinsed off with water. Towels can still be used for warmth or to dry you off, but use chairs to recline on at the beach.

Wear open-toe shoes to the beach

Although any open toe shoe is a fine option, gravitate toward flip-flops. Flip-flops prevent sand from becoming trapped in your shoes because it falls freely out of your sandals as you walk.

Wash yourself off underneath the beach shower head

Beaches provide showers outside of their restrooms on the way to the parking lot to help patrons clean themselves off before hitting the road again. Rinse yourself and your bathing suit as thoroughly as possible, pay special attention to your shoes and feet.
  • For a more intense rinse session, use the ocean waves at the beach to help you with a pre-rinse wash.
  • Use the shower head to wash off any toys, buckets, or accessories that might have gotten a little sandy while at the beach.

Baby Powder Can Help

Pack a small container of baby powder

Baby powder is an easy, on-the-go way to keep wet sand at bay. Baby powder strips the moisture from your skin, which makes sand easier to remove. Dry sand is easier to get rid of than wet sand.

Rinse off as much sand as possible

Step underneath the beach shower and allow the water to get rid of the superficial layer of sand that’s on you. Use a clean towel to wipe yourself dry.

Shake out a handful of baby powder

Be generous with the amount of powder you sprinkle on your skin for best results. Rub the powder onto your calves and feet.

Brush yourself off with a dry paintbrush

The baby powder will absorb the moisture and leave the dry sand and white powder residue behind. For a better cleanup, a dry paintbrush can be used to prevent making a mess of your belongings. Your legs and feet will be sweet-smelling, smooth, and clean!
Now that you’re armed with some useful tips, go enjoy the beach!