Celebrating an Anniversary!

We’re celebrating an anniversary this month – it’s been one year since Amber joined the team and she put together some thoughts on what she’s learned working in travel.


Here are her eight big takeaways:


  1. There are extra perks when booking with an advisor – we’ll do things like let the resort know about birthdays, anniversaries and dietary restrictions
  2. The ‘SALES’ people find online are simply marketing pieces to highlight one trip. We have the same price.
  3. Travel advisors have empathy and insights that an on-line booking engine will never have. Someone who gets to know you will provide personalized options to make your trip more tailored to your style.
  4. We have a whole host of other advisors and support systems to call on! If we aren’t sure about the destination, we definitely have colleagues who are.
  5. If you run into a problem, our advisors can fastrack a solution. Did you know we have our own direct line to Air Canada for instance?  No waiting on hold for us!
  6. Did you know you don’t have to pay for your entire trip up front? Most times you only have to pay a deposit and if you really want to spread out the payments, we have something called UPLIFT where you can essentially budget for your trip and pay for 12 months.  Awesome!
  7. All those last minute deals – see #2. They are really just certain trips the suppliers are wanting to highlight.  Waiting until the last minute leaves you with what’s left, not necessarily the BEST.
  8. And finally, there is no downside to working with our team. We don’t charge fees, we do the work for you and when you book with Inspired Vacations, your money stays local- it doesn’t go to a big online marketing company.  We love supporting our local community and hope you do too!