Savana & Conor's Honeymoon


We are so excited to start our life as newlyweds travelling Europe together! After 2 years of putting our travel passion on the back burner, we are so excited to kick off this chapter of our life touring around to some of our bucket-list travel destinations… but we are sad to leave our golden retriever Maple behind for 3 weeks.

Over the past year, we built our beautiful dream home together, got engaged, and now we’re so excited to be tying the knot and touring Europe!
Savana travelled Europe in high school and always said the next time she went back, she would be with her husband. She is so excited that this wish came true with Conor.

We will be travelling to Italy as this was a bucket list item for both of us, Greece to satisfy Conor’s initial wish to do a beach holiday, and Barcelona because that’s always been a “that would be so cool to go there” kind of destination.

We appreciate your gift that will help us stay in the coolest cities, check off numerous bucket list items, and most importantly, make incredible memories together as we begin our life as husband and wife!