Ty & Riley's Honeymoon

ty + riley engagement 2022

In true Nurse and Firefighter fashion, Riley had brought a patient in to ER and there Ty was. It so happened that Ty was talking to a mutual friend Britt, therefore Riley had to come over to join the conversation. Soon after, Ty received a follow from Riley on social media. The following week Ty had moved to Texas for Travel Nursing. Time went on until Ty had to make the first move and comment on a picture that Riley had posted of his dog. From that day forward, Ri and Ty talkeddaily for the month of January and finally planned our first date. February 5th, 2019, Riley flew down to Denver, Colorado to meet Ty as she was driving home from Plano, Texas. After a nice supper and an Avalanche game, Riley survived the sixteen hour road trip through a blizzard, with two cats on his lap. Four years later with many memories made, it was an easy decision to spend forever with eachother. September 16, 2023 can’t come soon enough.