Fun Facts about Australia

Just a few interesting points about Australia:

1. 90% of Australia’s population lives on the coast.
2. There are over 60 different wine regions.
3. The Digeridoo may be the world’s oldest musical instrument.
4. Australians love to add a slice of beet to their hamburgers.
5. If you choose to drive, remember that just like England, you drive on the left hand side.
6. Over 80% of the animals are unique to Australia.
7. It’s not necessary to tip servers.
8. Australia has hosted the Olympics twice.
9. There are 3 times as many sheep as people in Australia.
10. Contrary to myth, boomerangs don’t usually come back to you. 

If you’re interested in visiting this vast and diverse country, give us a call, we’ll create a custom itinerary. You’ll experience exactly what you’re most interested in!