Iceland: More Than Breathtaking Landscapes


Vikings, history, and beauty

With a history that goes back to Viking civilizations, scenery that’s sure to take your breath away, and a unique culture, Iceland has become a sought-after tourist destination. If you’re a fan of the hit History channel show, Vikings, you know the culture had a foundation in exploring new lands, plundering and battle.

The series has made its way to Iceland, making the Nordic country a hot spot for cinematic fans, including sites like Skógafoss waterfall, which lead Flóki to dub Iceland “the land of the gods”, and the black sand beaches near Vík. These gorgeous locations are virtually untouched by civilization and have a natural beauty that you must experience in person to truly appreciate.

Rich in Culture & Arts

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, and the surrounding area make up 60 percent of the country’s population. Iceland is the least populated European country but is growing rapidly and earning a reputation as being culturally rich, especially in the arts. There’s no shortage of theater, literature, art and design events in the capital. The nightlife is also legendary with sophisticated wine bars, dance clubs and cozy pubs.

Amazing sightseeing opportunities

Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the marine life around Iceland, which boasts clean, unpolluted waters. The area is home to thousands of whales just offshore, such as humpback, killer and sperm whales, along with porpoises and dolphins. You can sometimes see them without a boat tour, though they are available year-round from Reykjavik.

Protected Horses

Iceland’s arguably most popular animals are Viking horses. There are nearly 100,000 wild horses roaming the countryside during the summer time and they are the pride and joy of the Icelandic people. The Vikings brought horses to Iceland more than a thousand years ago and the noble creatures are protected by the government. In fact, importing horses is illegal and once a Viking horse leaves the island, it cannot return.

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