Jamaica Mon!

Last month we had the opportunity to spend an evening learning about what’s new with the Jamaica representative and she shared all the latest things going on! We put together some information below for you to get some insight on what we learned.

We REALLY want to share when you are flying into Montego Bay, you should try Club Mobay.  Dana used this service on her vacation and highly recommends it. It’s offered at the Kingston airport as well.  It is VIP services that can be added to your arrival, departure or both.  On arrival, you are greeted and expedited through Customs,  then taken to a private lounge with snacks, beverages, and private rest rooms while you await your transportation to your accommodations.  For departure, the same services are available, including fast tracking through security, complimentary wifi, comfy seating, private restrooms and even showers, plus don’t forget the complimentary drinks and food for prior to your flight.  A nice feature on arrival but where it’s really appreciated was during those last few hours at the airport waiting to fly home.  Who doesn’t want to avoid long lines and crowded airports?!

Did you know there are falls just as interesting to visit as the iconic Dunn’s River Falls?  Just as beautiful but much less crowded?  We don’t want them to become too crowded so we’re keeping it a secret too …..but we’ll share if you ask us.  We make sure we tell all our guests travelling to Jamaica.

Are you a Bob Marley fan?  If you’d like to see where he lived, we can help you get there.  With the new, improved highway, getting to his home town of Kingston is an easy day trip.

Feel like doing something a little different?  Why not try Yaaman Adventure Park.  You can go for a wild ride in a mud buggie, swim with dolphins or go for a not so traditional camel ride.  And, make sure you explore the ‘not so secret’ Secret River.

Feel like name dropping?  Usain Bolt now has his own restaurants.  We’ll let you know the locations if you’d like to try one out.

If you’re a history buff, there is plenty to explore.  The history is long and varied and there are plenty of museums, historic mansions and coffee plantations to visit.

And of course, go spend some time at the beach enjoying some Jamaican Rum!  Whether it’s on long stretches of white sand near Montego Bay or enjoying the seclusion of a bay in Ocho Rios there are plenty of options.

We’d love to help you get there just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll happily find you some options that will fit your travel style.