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A one of a kind coffee tour that teaches visitors all about the local coffee farms of the area and about the culture surrounding it. Our group leaves Puerto Escondido and heads for the area of Sierra Madre with some enjoyable scenic stops along the way. The first stop is at about 900 metres above sea level where we walk right into a lush coffee plantation and learn how the locals grow, harvest, dry and roast their beans. The tour continues into the town of Santos Reyes Nopala, which is considered a ceremonial cultural centre of the old Chatinos Empire. Here the group has a chance to admire many impressive archaeological vestiges, including a church from the XVII century. Finally, we return to Puerto Escondido with our minds buzzing with information โ€“ and caffeine, of course!

Cost: $74 CAD
Includes: Tour guide, transportation, cooler with bottles of water
Estimated Time: 8 hours
Group Size: Minimum 4 people

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