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Located in the town of Lachao about 2 hours away from Puerto Escondido, this zipline tour includes a scenic hike – making it a great bang for your buck! Once we reach Lachao, the tour group will walk along a trail leading up into the beautiful hills of the area. Along this walk, you’ll see coffee plantations, lush cocoa trees and experience other wonderful sights and sounds of the surrounding nature. At the end of the trail, we’ll spot some crashing waterfalls where we can refresh ourselves and then get ready for the upcoming rush of adrenaline! Jumping on the zipline, we’ll cruise down the hills (as many as 5 times!) and enjoy the lush scenery as it rushes by. After everyone reaches the bottom, we‘ll take the van back to Puerto Escondido, with tired bodies and full hearts!

Cost: $115 CAD
Includes: Tour guide, transportation, insurance, cover for zip lines, cooler with bottles of water
Estimated Time: 8 Hours
Group Size: Minimum 4 people

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