Inspired Vacations in Puerto Escondido

I’ve heard Tracy speak about the beauty of Puerto Escondido so often and learned more when we began to build tours, so when the opportunity presented itself to visit, I was very excited to see it firsthand! There are many ways to get to Puerto Escondido but we chose to fly into Huatulco and drive…

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The Hidden Port

The literal translation from Spanish is hidden port and up until recently, Puerto Escondido has been ‘hidden’ from tourists as well.  Outside of the surfing community and backpackers, this beach town was largely out of the public eye.  In recent years, it has been gaining in popularity in part from an increase in flights to the region…

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Visit the Home of Country Music


If you’re a fan of the hit television show “Nashville”, the final episode last June may have left you wanting more from Music City, so how about visiting it yourself? This Tennessee city is booming and full of exciting attractions and nightlife. The Grand Ole Opry Start your trip with the Grand Ole Opry, famous…

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