1. Immerse yourself in an area.  Instead of cramming in a number of countries in one trip, slow down and enjoy getting to know one. 
  2. Carry a reusuable water bottle.  It’s easy to refill and saves on plastic.
  3. Stay in locally owned hotels (think more boutique) and eat in local restaurants.
  4. Use eco friendly sunscreen that won’t harm the ocean ecosystems.
  5. Take a longer vacation rather than a number of shorter ones – especially when flying.
  6. Take your own steel straw (and cleaning wand!) to eliminate plastic that can harm land and sea life.
  7. Take the train…or a bus…or a bike…or walk.
  8. Shut off the A/C when you’re not in your room.
  9. Visit popular areas in off peak times. Think Italy in April, not July.
  10. Buy quality luggage.  It will last for years and reduce landfill waste.
  11. Bonus…avoid buying souvenirs from children.  Many miss out on school because they earn more for the family by selling their wares.