Hawaiian Dinner and Huaka’i Luau Maui – Journey Through Polynesia


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Having dinner on the beach and experiencing this show will be so much fun!

Being the most isolated islands in the world, Hawaii lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  With our warm tropical climate, beautiful tropical flowers, serene sandy beaches, and intriguing culture, Hawaii surely is the pearl of the Pacific.  Let us share with you Momi ‘O Ka Pakipika, Hawaii the pearl of the Pacific through the music and story of Huaka’i, Journey Through Polynesia.
Ke Kani Malie means the Gentle Sound.  This refers to the gentle sounds of our ‘Aina and the elements that surround it reminding us that our Kupuna (ancestors) have paved a cultural path for us and our future as Hawaiian people.  It is our kuleana (responsibility) to perpetuate this culture and share our knowledge so that the ways of our Kupuna are never forgotten.
“The voices of our ancestors are ringing, telling us stories of old Hawaii.  You can feel it in the wind, and hear it in the rain.  You can hear it in the beat of the Pahu.  Ke Kani Malie is our canoe.  Our ancestors will guide us as a family through this cultural journey.  We will teach our keiki, and strive to live like our Kupuna.  EO e Ke Kani Malie.”