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Become a Puerto local for the day as you wander through the market neighbourhood – a hotspot where locals go to eat and shop, far from the touristy beaches of the city. Wind through charming backstreets with your guide and discover the authentic foods and flavours of the area! With 11+ food tasting locations, you get to experience a wide variety of Oaxacan dishes and beverages, from well-known restaurants to hidden gems that would be difficult to find on your own.

Cost: $75 CAD
Includes: Tour guide, fresh water, 11+ food tasting locations (food includes: pork, chicken, beef, seafood, dairy and sugar) Tour does include vegetarian/pescatarian alternatives upon request.
Estimated Time: 3 – 3½ hours
Group Size: Maximum 8 people

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Meet passionate food vendors, eat incredible food, and learn all about the city’s history, culture and quirks in this original Puerto foodie tour. Contact Inspired Vacations today to book this guided food tour in the Market neighbourhood!