The Hidden Port

The literal translation from Spanish is hidden port and up until recently, Puerto Escondido has been ‘hidden’ from tourists as well.  Outside of the surfing community and backpackers, this beach town was largely out of the public eye.  In recent years, it has been gaining in popularity in part from an increase in flights to the region (direct flights are easy to nearby Huatulco) and more media presence with travel writers and travel/real estate shows finding it a great place to feature because of months of warm, sunny weather and unspoiled views.

It’s easy to find tasty, inexpensive restaurants, quaint hotels and as much or as little as you want to do.

Oaxaca has become very popular with top chefs in recent years and this beachy town has all the locally sourced ingredients necessary for outstanding meals.  Seafood is fresh each morning and fruits and vegetables grow nearby.

Accommodations are available to suit a wide array of travel styles and budgets.  Choose from unique hostels for the budget conscious; boutique hotels that may feature kitchens and even fully staffed private oceanside villas.  You’re sure to find something that suits you and your travel companions.

If you want to swim, you’ll find beautiful bays where you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the warm Pacific water.  If you’re wanting more than lounging on the beach, surfing and boogie boarding are popular. Zicatela Beach is one of the world’s top destinations so for the more adventurous – take a quick lesson and catch a wave.

The Sierre Madres are just a quick drive where you can visit coffee plantations, discover waterfalls or zip-line over the river.  Local guides will help with translation if you don’t speak Spanish.

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