Air Travel…..

Travelling by air within Canada:

  • No testing is required to fly but masks are required in the airports and on the planes
    • Except while eating or drinking
  • It’s a good idea to keep a mask with you as some places will require one
  • We did complete a test the evening prior to embarking on the train journey

Travelling from Canada to the US:

  • Proof of a negative PCR test as well as vaccinations (if applicable) are required by both the airline and border officials.
  • The test can be from any source but must include: your name, the type of test, the date it was taken and a negative result.
  • Regardless of vaccinations, you are still required to wear a mask in all airports and on all flights both in Canada and the US.
  • Flights are still not back to full operating capacity so depending on where you would like to travel you may have to make a couple of extra stops however the flip side is there are some great prices and good change/cancellation policies available.

Travelling within the US:

  • Most everything is back to “normal”; however, it is still a good idea to carry a mask with you as some places are more cautious than others and still ask that you wear a mask (i.e. subways). You are still required  to wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated.

Returning from the US to Canada:

  • In retrospect, it would have been smart to plan our pre-departure Covid test in the US before we left Canada because it took a few hours trying to figure out.  Asking the hotel staff for help was the best thing we did as they were able to recommend local testing sites and we received the tests for no charge.
  • Again, both the airlines and border officials required proof of a negative test at the airport and when we landed in Canada.
  • If you are fully vaccinated (plus it has been 2 weeks since your last dose) when you land you are free to go home and do not have to quarantine.  If not, depending on your situation you may have to test and/or stay at a designated hotel.