Brooklynn in Budapest!

I have been away traveling for the last few weeks learning about destinations across the pond. Budapest was my favourite city on my recent adventure.
Budapest is composed of two different sides – Buda and Pest. These two parts are divided by the Danube river. Buda is hillier and has older buildings while the Pest side is flatter and has more important buildings.
Besides the scenery being amazing Budapest has a lot of history that you can spend days soaking up. One of the most popular historical attractions is the House of Terror. I recommend taking an afternoon to do this as it is a look into the dark history of a house that was used as a Nazi and Soviet base.
After you spend your day walking through the city you can relax in the Hungarian Baths.
The most popular one in Budapest is the Szechenyi Bath house. This offers a relaxing atmosphere during the day and on Saturdays is home to the Sparty Party which is where the bath house turns into a party. Another tourist attraction are the Ruin Bars that are unique to Budapest. These are buildings that were bombed during WWII and have been decorated with tons of random antiques and miscellaneous decor and turned into very hip bars. The most famous of these bars is Szimpla Kert.
Budapest was my first look at Eastern Europe and I am very excited to go back and explore more.
Brooklynn Gathercole, Inspired Vacations Advisor