Inspired Vacations exploring India!

Recently, one of our Advisors had the chance to take a trip to India. Her experience has brought us a wealth of knowledge about a country that we were Inspired to share with you. Here is what she has to tell us….India is a country where you will never run out of things to see. It is a place of endless possibilities and opportunities to create memorable experiences. I created mine in October of 2018 with an organized G tour. I will share my India top three most memorable experiences.ArchitectureThe most well-known architecture in India is the Taj Mahal. This World Wonder was built for a wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is constructed out of pure white marble which makes it even more incredible. As the sun hits it throughout the day the marble absorbs the light making the look change. Out of the up to 80,000 travelers who visit here in a day, on this particular one, I was the 7th to walk through the door. I was fortunate enough to have a guide who had the awareness of the best time of the day to come, giving us the opportunity to have photos with no other person in sight.FoodIndia is known for its incredible spice selection and curries. The menus at restaurants contained pages and pages of curries, rice, and Naan bread. Little did I know, many Indians are vegetarian, therefore there are so many different vegetarian friendly options to choose from. If you prefer chicken, there are a variety of curries that vary in heat to choose from. My recommendation is to try the Sweet Lassi and to stay away from the Masala Lassi.PeopleI find wherever you travel, the people of a country can either make or break a trip. The people of India definitely made my trip. Part of my tour included a night in a local village. Walking through the village playing with all of the kids who had nothing, but were so happy, really makes you realize how lucky you are. I felt like a foreign celebrity as many Indian people had never seen a 6-foot blonde before! Many people would come to me and in their best English, ask if they would be able to get a photo with me. All they wanted was to get a photo and would then run away smiling. After we landed our hot air balloon, the local villagers invited us in for food and were so interested to learn more about the people that were floating in the sky.Overall, I would recommend India for anyone to travel to as long as you are going with a tour group as it is easy to be sucked into the hustle and bustle. I could go on and on about India, so if you are wanting to hear more please reach out!-Brooklynn Gathercole, Inspired Vacations’ Advisor