Summer in Scotland


Scotland is good for the soul

The romance, history and folklore of Scotland are just a few of the reasons why you should consider adding this Celtic nation to your must-see travel destinations. The ‘bonny’ scenery alone puts it at the top of our list!


Healing with heather

Aside from the picturesque landscapes and the mystery of the Scottish Highlands, there is a special plant that’s near and dear to every Scot’s heart: heather. Heather is a well known treasure that blooms from mid July to mid September, making August the ideal month to plan your trip. It’s also used to make mead, honey and has been said to have healing properties. Should you happen upon the more elusive white blooms, rather than the common shades of purple heather, it’s said that you will also have good luck.


Amazing History

History is bountiful in Scotland and you can tour many of the medieval castles – some of which are still lived in today – along with churches and other significant sites. The capital, Edinburgh is home to the famous fortress that is Edinburgh Castle and many other fantastic places, both modern and historic that are sure to please your inner adventurer.Monumental battles like the Battle of Culloden, the final fight in the Jacobite rising of 1745, have been recreated in books, movies and television shows. Arguably the most popular retelling being that of Outlander, both the novels by Diana Gabaldon and the show featuring our favourite red-headed Scot, Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan – who is a natural brunette, but we can pretend he’s the real thing! You can tour the site of this well-known battle and see where the last Scottish uprising was defeated.

Travel like a pro

With everything from historic rebellions to breathtaking landscapes, we know you’ll love your trip to Scotland – or Alba as it’s called in Scottish Gaelic. Get in touch with Inspired Vacations, the best travel agent in Lethbridge and start planning your vacation to Scotland today!